is an evolving collection

of experimental journeys into

the realm of the invisible, inspiring

a reconnection with mother earth.

A transmedia project by ramin krause

It combines reinterpreted and layered photographs, abstract films

and experimental musical sound scapes into a diverse spiritual experience.

A homage to mother nature and its infinite perfection,
it is a reaching beyond the surface, deeper,
to the essence of things, to the soul, the invisible.
Furthering an understanding of the world and all beings as one.
As a unity.

We enter from various places around the world, overcoming all imaginary physical and psychological borders. It is a daring look beyond, a vision for the future, a quiet listening within.

inspiring a reconnection with mother nature and the own soul. Through feeling rather than thinking. Using experimental art as a tool for inspiring spiritual awakening and presence.

This is an ongoing project which naturally evolves over time. 

The current version of the project was recorded over the past 3 years wandering with barely any money through Iran, New Zealand, Morocco, Vanuatu, Israel, Germany and Jordan. It is presented as photo exhibitions, video and sound installations or film screenings. Multiple projectors play the films in random order, one leading with the sound.

The exhibition can happen in nature. The photos hang in a net of hemp strings, weaving them into trees and flowers.


Music & Soundscapes by Nicolas Jaar and Bon Iver.

Reinterpreted live performances by Vincent Moon, Marco Donnarumma, Colin Stetson, Woodkid & Holly Bakley


photography, film, edit & design by 

Ramin Krause



produced by





Currently we are looking for festivals, collaborations & funding.


Throughout 2017 DREAMS will be exhibited as a

film & sound installation with a photo exhibition.



for bookings please contact us here.


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