by r.

Wild Wild bush

Out at sea

Infinite Complexity

Illusions are free

Cut the Kava

Cut it fine

to drink it

drink it

Until your throat runs dry.

Deep Dark Liquid

Cold Earth flows

Rooting in silence

The sounds of the

birds orchestrating

the welcome of

the sun as a

thank you for

another day.

The sigh of a wild sleeping

pig lying in the cold earth

under a Banjam

tree stretching its

hooves out, awaken

from the most

wonderful dream of

playing as a piggy

in the fresh mud

of a steaming, rainy

early morning in

the middle of

a dry month of August

deep in the jungle of

a tiny far away

island in the South Pacific.

Oh what joys does

life bear for a pig!

As the sun rises and the pigs sleep soundly the pastor is busily preparing the Christmas Mass in the Anglican Church of Aver. Colorful balloons, crooked candles and his big white and green rope lie ready. Today is Baby Jesus birthday.

He is excited.




19°32.489’S / 169°27.376’E


BETWEEN THE GREENS HILLS OF JANKAI quietly sleeps a grey giant.

The locals have many names for it: Yasur, Yahuwai, God, Man, Great Spirit. They all point to one thing.

The always present active volcano on Tanna Island next to which they have lived for centuries.

Here, the people have withstood colonialism and christian missionaries more than on other islands

and beliefs in John Frum, a mystical messiah, make the people actively keep their old traditions and "Kastoms" alive.

One of these villages is Lamakara. For the people here everything around them comes from the great spirit. The grey mountain is ever present in their lives. From most places in Jankai you can either see or hear it. Every few seconds a growling echoes through the valley as if to remind you of something. From time to time an elder of the village fasts, drinks Kava and climbs up the steep mountain to talk to the god. He asks for good harvests, rain and for the volcano to have mercy on the villages. This saves them from getting destroyed. For the people he is a mystical figure. He speaks a different language, the language of the Stamba, of the great spirit.

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