an ethnographic exhibition

an intuitive storytelling book

an experimental documentary

This slow trans-media journey takes you into the enchanted jungles of Vanuatu’s secluded islands. It tells the story of people that have always lived in harmony with mother nature. But nowadays life is changing.

VOIIAGE patiently explores the ongoing influences of christian missionaries in the South Pacific, effects of domestic violence and still present, ancient traditions trying to withstand the unstoppable effects of globalisation.

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the book

A 270 page photobook takes you deep into the jungles of Gaua. 15 chapters full of stories, photography and experimental editing go new ways in storytelling, design and photojournalism.

the film

A 40-minute experimental documentary which features ancient songs, water music and the preperation of the local drug Kava. Then it spirals off. Domestic Violence, the return to civilisation and finally spiritual journeys into the abstract await you.

the web series

Read many of the stories as a VOIIAGE hybrid. An 18-part webseries diving deep into the island life. Here, stories, photographs and audio-visual dreams merge into a beautiful synthesis. Something new, something innovative.