voyage [voi•iage] noun

  1. an ambitious journey or expedition from one place to another by land or sea.
  2. Often, voyages. journeys or travels as the subject of a written account, or the account itself: “the voyages of Marco Polo.”


V O II A G E is a unique collaborative online art piece and independent trans-media studio. Created by Ramin Aryaie in 2014 it has grown ever more by the input and work of over 30 artists from around the world. Our work and experience lies between experimental art, new media, journalism, installations, performances and books.

We are a global collective experimenting with collaborations in all forms and mediums. All of our projects are created and processed in a multi-layered approach, as well as distributed in various ways around the globe. 

VOIIAGE is a place where the space between pictures, sound, words and time is born, explored, captured and broken. Here various forms of art come together to create vivid, modern, aesthetic collaborations, all freely accessible.

We are building a decentralised, collaborative, worldwide network of artists, traveling storytellers and designers working together to create free, inspiring, aesthetic and well-produced content for everyone. 

To keep the project free and accesible to as many people as possible it is completely financed through donations on a pay-as-you-like basis.

Creators and Collaborators


visual storytellers


ramin aryaie

photographer/film maker/web designer


photographer/film maker

leonie ohlow

artist, scenographer

katharina jung

photographer/film maker

vincent moon

film maker/sound engineer

Priscilla Telmon

photographer/film maker

ilan cohen

director & screen writer

julia soler


lisa māia ambrose

dancer/healer/yoga teacher

dancers & performers


joke jesinghaus

circus artist & trainer

leo perrifer

circus performer

marius soluna

dancer/healer/yoga teacher

holly blakey

dance company

lucia nordhoff


lisa māia ambrose

yoga teacher


Our sonic collaborators and creators



Roddy Sim


Colin Manson



Orchestra | Germany/Netherlands/UK


United States



The Staves

United Kingdom




Sufi brotherhoof from Fes, Morocco


United States

Marco Donnarumma

Performing bodies, sounds and machines.

Bon Iver


Colin Stetson

United States

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