Black Magic ◊ V

After having spent Christmas morning in the Anglican Church of Aver my thoughts are circling around the churches influence on the people here. Somehow I can only see the negative side and it leaves a lingering sadness on my tongue that doesn’t want to vanish. Part two.

The Christmas Charols of Namasari ◊ IV

Every year around Christmas time the church choirs tour along the main road of the north-east side of Gaua Island. They sing songs in Bislama and the local language about Baby Jesus and god, old english church songs adapted for the islands.

Baby Jesus ◊ III

Since centuries christian missionaries are traveling to the most rural places in the world to convert heathens into tamely believers. What legacy do 500 years of proselytisation leave behind? A two-part experience on a small island in the South Pacific. Part One.

Pig Joys (Poem) ◊ II

Pigs traditionally have an important role in Vanuatu’s kastom system. They are one of the few animals that have not been imported by the Europeans. A poem for these wonderful animals.

full moon christmas ◊ I

Every night the people of Vanuatu indulge in a ritual, they give themselves into the hands of a numbing root that grows up in the mountainous regions. Silently they drink the grey juice and connect with the sprits of the bush, their ancestors.