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As a tribe of like minded artists and explorers we come together to create spaces of experience and inner reflection. We take visitors onto journeys to new places, in the world and within ourselves. We achieve this through a diverse set of tools:

  • experiemental site-specific multi-screen installations
  • abstract performances (merging modern circus, Butoh dance and ritualistic trances) and a mindful decoration of the space we inhabit
  • on-site filming and live mixing of films in collaboration with live musicians, creating a new form of digital live ritual

Coming Up


April 2018

DREAMS live | Café Chaos – Universität Köln – 20/04/2018

The Cinema of Dreams

In June 2017 the VOIIAGE team set up camp in Riga. We were comissioned to create the cinema village at Kometa Festival. In the ruins of a 400-year old fortress, in a tunnel that was used to wash torpedos we set out to create a cinema cathedral. A 6x8m projection and a...


AWEFEKT and VOIIAGE explored the relation of analogue electronic sounds and visuals at two intimate performances in Berlin.

Past Performances


March 2018



Allerwelts Party | Autonomes Zentrum

Cologne, Germany


Against All Logic | ZAK

Cologne, Germany

August 2017

MOYNMOYN Festival | Northern Germany


July 2017

Kometa Festival | Riga, Latvia

Exhibition, installation, Performance

November 2016

Black Magic Baby Jesus live | Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

October 2016

Black Magic Baby Jesus live | Seekult Festival, Friedrichshafen, Germany

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