Installations | Performances

realised for festivals by the VOIIAGE collective

Collective Explorations


As a tribe of like minded artists and explorers we come together to create spaces of experience and inner reflection.

We take visitors onto journeys to new places in the world and within ourselves. We achieve this through a diverse set of tools:

  • Combining experiemental, site-specific, audiovisual multi-screen installations with
  • abstract performances merging modern circus, japanese Butoh dance and ritualistic trances including
  • live improvised music by musicians of our collective and on-site creations with local artists within
  • a mindfully decorated space, preferrably in nature, that we transform including hammocks, benches, candles, incents, lights, branches, painting, built structures etc.

DREAMS ~ The trailer of the films

Untitled Metamorphosis

a meditative one hour installation film

part of a multiscreen installation Cinema of DREAMS

Films of our Performances:

AWE. A visual study of electronic sounds.

AWEFEKT, a band formed at April Base studios in Wisconsin playing a live set at the monumental Funkhaus studios in Berlin for the PEOPLE collective. In combination with visuals developed during multiple live shows.

An experiemental performance at Kometa Festival

Multiple performers took out multi screen installation “the Cinema of Dreams” apart while live cinema projections lit up their bodies. In the second part called “the slaughter house” they ceremoniusly reenacted the military past of the festival location in a breath taking endurance perfrmance including fake blood, gun shots and screams.

An exploration of human movements through layering

Marius Soluna takes us on a wild journey into the shadows of the soul. Buto is a post-war dance form first practiced in Japan which aims for a new aesthetic and embraces the grounded element of earth. This unique collaboration brings together abstract dance, performance and a new way of recording and editing films of dance and music developed by Ramin Aryaie.

Photos and more information:

The Cinema of Dreams

In June 2017 the VOIIAGE team set up camp in Riga. We were comissioned to create the cinema village at Kometa Festival. In the ruins of a 400-year old fortress, in a tunnel that was used to wash torpedos we set out to create a cinema cathedral. A 6x8m projection and a...


AWEFEKT and VOIIAGE explored the relation of analogue electronic sounds and visuals at two intimate performances in Berlin.

暗黒舞踏 | ankoku butō

A visual poem by Marius Soluna and Ramin Aryaie, presented as an experimental live cinema dance performance.
暗黒舞踏 [ankoku butō] translates to dance of darkness. Buto is a post-war dance form first practiced in Japan which aims for a new aesthetic and embraces the grounded element of earth.

DREAMS ~ The full film-collection

Past Installations.

KOMETA Festival

Riga / Latvia


DREAMS ❇︎ by Ramin Aryaie & Georjie

Co-Created with the Liva Collective


Living Room Premiere

Cologne / Germany


Black Magic Baby Jesus by Ramin Aryaie

Black Magic at Michelberger Hotel


Black Magic Baby Jesus by Ramin Aryaie



more info

Friedrichshafen/Seekult Festival


Black Magic Baby Jesus by Ramin Aryaie

7. & 8. Oct 2016

more info

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