Splitting Dreams

Live at LSD.75 in Basel, Switzerland

22/04/2018 _ Saturday _ 00:30 _ Mainstage


An experimental performance discovering pain, joy and healing.

Directed by Ramin Aryaie / Camera | Marius Soluna

Aerial Acrobatics | Joke Jesinghaus
Performance | Lucia Nordhoff
Butoh Dance | Marius Soluna
Live Cinema Visuals | Ramin Aryaie

Produced by

A cocreation of mutiple projects and collectives

the Liva Village
A caravan traveling European festivals with a colorful space of exploration this summer

MOTION, a platform for experimental projects discovering dance, movement and performance

DREAMS, global spiritual journeys into the invisible through sound, film and imagery that cross all borders

Kayan Kalhor & Ali Bahraini Fard | Between the Heavens and Me | World V
Alva Noto | Module 1 | Raster Noton
Ø | Syvâys | Sähkö
ENA | Divided 10 | Samurai
Ancestral Voices | Vine Of The Soul | Samurai
Lydia Lunch | Conspiracy Of Women | Other People
Talk Talk – The Rainbow – EMI
Lashun Pace – I know I’ve Been Changed – Savoy
Terekke – Wav1 – Self-Released
Nicolas Jaar – Edit – Resident Advisor Mix
Alan Watts – The Real You
Daft Punk – Giorgio by Moroder – Daft Life

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