a collection of sonic films portraying musicians around the world


ramin aryaie meets trever hagen

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SOUNDS is an extensive collection of collaborative films from around the world. Over at Vimeo you can watch all of them.


Here we portray music, traditional ceremonies and ritualistic trances in a respectful, open and intimate way. All filmed while traveling with a backpack and two cameras on the stream that life is. The travels for this project have taken me so far through Vanuatu, Jordan, Palestine, New Zealand, Kosovo, Morocco, Switzerland, Israel and Germany. Walking with open eyes and meeting folk musicians, Sufi brotherhoods and noise artists from all around the globe.

Currently we have around 30 films in the making at different stages of the process. Over the coming year we will slowly work on publishing them on the platform. SOUNDS will exist in interweaving collaboration with the slowly emerging Liva Collective, the DREAMS collection, the PEOPLE Collective, Collection Petites Planetes, the Michelberger Hotel and as you know, the possibilities are infinite.

If you are interested in a collaboration please contact us. We are looking for musicians, artists, collectives, galleries, venues, festivals, producers and anyone who feels inspired to dream up something new.

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