a collection of hybrids exploring the world


the journey to a holy volcano


nameless endless by júlia soler


A hybridal journey through Vanuatus northern islands


Visual memories from the Nameless, Endless

The stories below have been recorded while traveling the globe since 2014.


They have various shapes and forms.


V5/ Black Magic Baby Jesus

Our first photo book & sonic documentary. Explore

V4/ Gaua Island

Stories from a forgotten island in the South Pacific. Explore

V3/ Yasur

Stories from the cargo cults on Tanna Island circling around a grey volcano. Explore

South Pacific Ocean

Open Ocean

A transmedia sailing adventure.

After 3 months of work Noalani finally leaves Whangarei harbour.

What we don’t know: we are headed straught into our first thunderstorm. Explore


Nowhere to go

The story of a meeting near the European border. One group will cross the border legally, the other will not. Explore



An audiovisual memory of my grandmother’s funeral told in many layers. Explore


Nameless, Endless

The visual memory of a new kind of musical gathering. 120 artists from all around the world experimented in the Funkaus in Berlin.



Die Geschichte einer Beerdigung. Der kühle Wind streicht über meine schweißnasse Stirn. Der metallische Gesang tost in ohrenbetäubenden Wellen über die Grabeswüste. Klagende Wogen, den Verlust der Mutter und den Schmerz der Hinterbliebenen besingend, verhallen im...

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5 weeks I spent on an island called GAUA. A wild, strong, spiritual island. It became home. This is a DREAM.

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On a sunny morning the community of Bravet kill a big, white cow to sell the meat. Very colourful meat.

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On the first day of the new year I find myself sitting on a beautiful dead tree in front of a 120m high waterfall that celebrates a new beginning with me. I feel. I understand.

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Watermusic ◊ X

Endlessly they play the water with their hands, they slap and hit, they play and laugh. All day, in the shadow of the big trees, in the river or the ocean or where the two meat.

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Admiration ◊ IX

Over centuries the idea of a white supremacy has been enforced and manifested through colonialism in the now so called “developing countries”. But these global roles are ancient and wrong. Ideas about people that deserve real admiration for a forgotten strength.

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Domestic violence is a present issue in many countries around the world. In Vanuatu many women, children and animals are subjected to violence on the daily basis. And they stay. They find a way to deal with it, to accept it and to still smile.

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Uncontrolled Anger ◊ VII

Violence, the raw physical force intended to hurt or kill a person or an animal is committed daily, endless times around the world. The cycle of hurt and anger spins and spins. But why do we hurt others? And how can we stop it from spinning?

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AVER ◊ Christmas Songs ◊ VI

My head is full of streams of thoughts about the disappearing island life and cultural genocides. I slowly fade into a deep, dreamful sleep. Responsibility and powerlessness fight their endless game.

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Black Magic ◊ V

After having spent Christmas morning in the Anglican Church of Aver my thoughts are circling around the churches influence on the people here. Somehow I can only see the negative side and it leaves a lingering sadness on my tongue that doesn’t want to vanish. Part two.

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GAUA IV ◊ The Christmas Charols of Namasari

With a head full of thoughts about missionaries and sinners I find the way to my hammock. My belly is once again full with grey juice and some maniok. Sleep envelops me soon after I lie down. No dreams come to me on this night. Only heavy ideas and a deep satisfaction...

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GAUA III ◊ Baby Jesus

Since centuries christian missionaries are traveling to the most rural places in the world to convert heathens into tamely believers. What legacy do 500 years of proselytisation leave behind? A two-part experience on a small island in the South Pacific. Part One.

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GAUA II ◊ Pig Joys (Poem)

Pigs traditionally have an important role in Vanuatu’s kastom system. They are one of the few animals that have not been imported by the Europeans. A poem for these wonderful animals.

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◊ GAUA I ◊ full moon christmas

Every night the people of Vanuatu indulge in a ritual, they give themselves into the hands of a numbing root that grows up in the mountainous regions. Silently they drink the grey juice and connect with the sprits of the bush, their ancestors.

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The Wilhelm Scream

Enough with goodness and niceness and everything sweet give me salt, give me ash, give me sand in my teeth dirt on my feet blood on my tongue life in my meat.

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Slowly the wind is picking up and everyone starts making breakfast of course. As our sails and steering dont break anymore, I feel we are slowly arriving in proper sailing mode. Cruising, reading, working the boat, eating and sleeping. Kat makes oats with dates,...

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This is an attempt to capture a glimpse of the beauty that surrounds us every day in this world.


Studies of the art of movement and light.


Here we portray music, traditional ceremonies and ritualistic trances in a respectful, open and intimate way. All filmed while traveling with a backpack and two cameras on the stream that life is. The travels for this project have taken me so far through Vanuatu, Jordan, Palestine, New Zealand, Kosovo, Morocco, Switzerland, Israel and Germany. Walking with open eyes and meeting folk musicians, Sufi brotherhoods and noise artists from all around the globe.

Currently we have around 30 films in the making at different stages of the process. Over the coming year we will slowly work on publishing them on the platform. SOUNDS will exist in interweaving collaboration with the slowly emerging Liva Collective, the DREAMS collection, the PEOPLE Collective, Collection Petites Planetes, the Michelberger Hotel and as you know, the possibilities are infinite.

If you are interested in a collaboration please contact us.

We are looking for musicians, artists, collectives, galleries, venues, festivals, producers and anyone who feels inspired to dream up something new.



An exploration of a new kind of music gathering.


Stories from Vanuatu


The third VOIIAGE dispatch comes from Tanna Island and tells the story of an active volcano, a Kastom village and a US soldiers mystical influence on the people.


A project created by ramin aryaie
Featuring collaborations/samples by
SIG | Marius Soluna | Four Tet | Georjie | Kim Rauss | ANDRRA | Radiohead | BLXCK / AWEFEKT | Käptn Peng / Malika / Inna Moja | Vincent Moon / Priscilla Telmon / Marco Donnarumma | Hammadcha Brotherhood | Colin Stetson | Woodkid / Holly Blakey | The Staves | Justin Vernon | S t a r g a z e / Polica | Roddy Sim & Skelly Lewis / Colin Manson | Nicolas Jaar | Vincent Thiebert | Anthony Roy