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VOIIAGE.ORG is a free, experimental multimedia project providing

a platform for stories and art from around the world.

Born into existence in 2014 it slowly expands and deepens the forms of expression it presents. It is a place where the space between pictures, sound, words and time is born, explored, captured and broken.

Here various forms of art come together to create vivid, modern, aesthetic collaborations, all freely accessible. The creation process becomes more collaborative as more people get involved. The vision is a decentralised, collaborative, worldwide network of artists, traveling storytellers and designers working together to create free, inspiring, aesthetic and well-produced content for everyone. 

To keep the project free and accesible to as many people as possible it is completely financed through donations on a pay-as-you-like basis.



stories from around the world told in transmedia hybrids.


An exploration of a new kind of music gathering. Explore

||| Tehran |||

A soft wind blows through the leaves. It touches my sweat dripping forehead. Sorrow floats through the desert of graves, a metallic cry for the lost mother and the pain of the ones left alone spirals towards the endlessly blue sky. Not a single cloud is in sight.

V05August 2016 / Tehran, Iran


An experimental transmedia project which takes you deep into the ancient cultures of a forgotten island in the South Pacific. The photo-book is complemented by an ethnographic film for download.

V04October 2016 / Gaua Island, Vanuatu

``Mount Yasur''

V03October 2015 / Tanna Island, Vanuatu

~~~ Open Ocean ~~~

V02July 2015 / South Pacific Ocean

/// Nowhere to Go

V01 December 2014 / Edirne, Turkey


هستی Back
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Die Geschichte einer Beerdigung. Der kühle Wind streicht über meine schweißnasse Stirn. Der metallische Gesang tost in ohrenbetäubenden Wellen über die Grabeswüste. Klagende Wogen, den Verlust der Mutter und den Schmerz der Hinterbliebenen besingend, verhallen im...
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Black Magic ◊ V

After having spent Christmas morning in the Anglican Church of Aver my thoughts are circling around the churches influence on the people here. Somehow I can only see the negative side and it leaves a lingering sadness on my tongue that doesn’t want to vanish. Part two.

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Baby Jesus ◊ III

Since centuries christian missionaries are traveling to the most rural places in the world to convert heathens into tamely believers. What legacy do 500 years of proselytisation leave behind? A two-part experience on a small island in the South Pacific. Part One.

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Artificial Identity

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The Wilhelm Scream

Enough with goodness and niceness and everything sweet give me salt, give me ash, give me sand in my teeth dirt on my feet blood on my tongue life in my meat.
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Recordings of sounds, music, rituals and trances.



spiritual and psychedelic journeys into the invisible and the self.