Welcome to a unique

art platform & production studio

V O II A G E is a collaborative project.

an experimental physical and online art piece.

We are creating an open space for experimental collaboration in all forms and mediums. From digital art pieces to site-specific live performances. From multi-screen installations to experimental photo books. 

So far over 20 artists from around the globe have collaborated on V O II A G E. For submissions and commissions contact us here.

Our latest projects


Chapter II is out now!

abstract all logic

DREAMS presents a visual trance

By Ramin Aryaie & Joke Jesinghaus

Live Shows

VOIIAGE creates installations and performances

There are three ways of exploring the vast collection of art pieces on VOIIAGE

BRANCHES are the different areas of VOIIAGE. Each is dedicated to a different artistic expression or way of exploration.

TOPICS are a selection of our art pieces sorted by what they explore. Another perspective on the variety of work presented on VOIIAGE.

RANDOM is simply a library of parts, chapters, pieces and fragments of all stories ever published on VOIIAGE. Just start exploring.

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expression through movement


a return to simplicity


living as one with nature


a return to simplicity