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V O II A G E is an independent trans-media production studio. We are creating a global collective space of experimental collaboration in all forms and medium. From online art pieces to site-specific live performances, from multi-screen installations to experimental photo books.

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We proudly present brand new performances by the VOIIAGE team

told in four films and a photo exploration

liva VIllage

This Summer we will be touring Europe as a nomad caravan bringing circus, art and workshops to people across the continent.

liva collective

A newly founded artistic grassroots journalism project

by story tellers from around the globe.

Transmedia web stories recorded around the world
Experimental Journeys into the Invisible recorded on four continents
Intimate films portraying music and rituals around the globe
An audiovisual project discovering the space between performance arts such as dance, theatre, circus and the language of the human body.
Diverse site-specific live performances combining projections, aerial acrobatics, live music and theatre.
Curious windows into the beauty of the world.

Black Magic Baby Jesus

An ethnographic documentary and photo book from the South Pacific

Michelberger music

A transmedia memory from a new kind of music gathering.


Memories from a funeral in Tehran, Iran


An abstract, visual exploration of the beauty of the world

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