a transmedia project by ramin aryiae


is an evolving collection 

of experimental journeys into

the realm of the invisibleinspiring

a reconnection with mother earth.

(to) unravel

Chapter 1

Bruise Blood

Reimagining Steve Reich’s ‘Music for Pieces of Wood’

by POLIÇA + s t a r g a z e

the Holy Land

a visual journey into jordan, palestine and israel

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a visual poem.

untitled metamorphosis

the human body within mother earth

88 Symbiosis 88

Floating thoughts

the idea

Interweaving films and photos from around the world into abstract, intuitive journeys.
A study of the invisible, the energy that guides the universe.

all images

Photographs from three continents melting together in an intuitive synthesis.

all films

Abstract explorations of the invisible recorded over three years, taking you on a journey deep into the unknown.

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What’s behind this project?


Multiscreen loops, Circus Performances & live visuals.


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